• John Lasala - Zoning Due Diligence in New York

  • Posted on October 18, 2018
  • John Lasala NYC

    When looking to apply for a mortgage, there are so many things on a lender’s checklist that it can be overwhelming. This is especially true when it comes to being able to procure zoning documents for your property. Many lenders are now requiring this documentation in addition to all the other current required documents. Procuring a zoning letter can be laborious and by requiring the borrower to do this due diligence, they are passing the full cost to said borrower. Finding a company that can assist with this process is a God send. John Lasala saw that this zoning due diligence was becoming extremely common in new commercial mortgages and decided to start a New York based company to help with the process.

    National Zoning Group helps facilitate the outsourcing of zoning due diligence. Navigating the different municipalities from region to region as well as the transaction time, effort and money can be troublesome on top of the already laborious process of completing a mortgage and having funding stalled on such an issue can be devastating and costly. John Lasala’s National Zoning Group can help ease this issue. States can vary vastly even if they are near to each other like New York versus Maine when it comes to obtaining a zoning letter so let John Lasala’s company help you with your next zoning documentation need.

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